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Aug 31 2016

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High Roller Living

KBIS is changing it up this year and moving to Orlando, but all of my time with KBB and our sister publications has granted me countless trips to Vegas. I’m not one for the Vegas “experience,” but I do love opening the door to a different hotel every time and marveling at all the unique designs.

Recently I got a secondhand look at the Residences at Mandarin Oriental – specifically the 2,126-sq.-ft. Penthouse 4101. Speaking with the designer, Pedram Rahimi of Las Vegas-based Rahimi Designs, I learned that designing for such a luxurious space is a challenge in high thinking.

KBB: What were your challenges, and how did you solve them?

PR: The challenge was to set the design apart from the norm and provide a luxurious living experience, providing everything that one would want and need while at the same time taking your breath away. This was achieved by the selection of materials and the use of space, and features like marble baseboard, a television built within a mirror, artwork, high-end furniture and a luxurious master suite bathroom with a spa tub and a teak-paneled ceiling and floors.

mandarin4101-56KBB: What was your goal for the kitchen?

PR: The idea was to create a kitchen that blends and expands into the dining room and the unparalleled strip views to create an overall dining experience. The choice of appliances, materials, cabinetry and finishes enhances the appeal of this space. A focal point of the kitchen is the waterfall design on the island.mandarin4101-27

KBB: What was your favorite part of this project?

PR: I was able to design the space in a way that I could express my design ideas and utilize materials in order to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

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