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Sep 06 2012

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How are you different from other designers?

Your success in business depends on your ability to answer this question:

“How are you different from other designers?”

You may hear it often from your prospective clients. If your response sounds something like, “I do kitchen design and bath design and …” then keep reading.

One of the biggest reasons that clients use price to select a designer is because you haven’t given them any other way to tell the difference between what you do and what your competitors do. They need to know what you uniquely provide that others don’t. Most importantly, they need to know how you can solve their problem better than anyone else.

How do you get the words to describe your unique value? Ask your best clients! They know better than anyone what makes you different, especially if they chose you over other designers. Once you know your unique value, you’ll not only stand out, but your Ideal Client will know that you’re the right designer for them!

Ask your best clients this question: “What were the key reasons you initially chose me as your designer vs all of the others you met?” and they’ll give you the exact words to describe what makes you stand out.

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—Maria Bayer is Authentic Sales Coach for Design Success University. Her sales career started with a whimper before she learned the real secrets to selling without being sales-y. Bayer became a multimillion dollar salesperson and is known for her natural way of leading her clients to a close without being pushy. She created a sales program just for interior designers that is receiving rave reviews, and most importantly, the designers are making more money and enjoying how easy it is to close business.

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