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Jul 16 2015

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How to “Summer-ize” a Space

Cathy Hobbs

Celebrity interior designer and Emmy Award-winning TV personality, Cathy Hobbs, shares her tips for brightening up a space and creating a beachy vibe.

  1. Use White. My first tip is to incorporate white and white-washed pieces into the décor as much as possible. There is simply nothing prettier than a piece that is rubbed or slightly distressed, especially when it comes to beach décor, and white pieces can be used in so many different ways for a fresh look. When it comes to using white, also think about incorporating white architectural elements such as beadboard wainscoting along walls.
  2. Incorporate Natural Elements. One of my favorite design tricks when designing for a seaside or beach retreat is to use decorative elements such as rope. I simply love it, and you can use rope in so many different ways. You can use small pieces of rope in place of traditional trim for pillows or sofas. You can also fill the inside of a tall cylinder jar by wrapping it around the interior until it fills up to the top. Additionally, you can use rope as a decorative wall hanging or create an interesting pattern on a blank canvas to make an interesting art piece.
  3. Accessories Using Found Objects From Outside Your Door. I find especially when it comes to beach homes; there are always so many beautiful treasures just a footstep away. Often there is a desire to preserve these treasured mementos. The best way to do this is in beautiful shadow boxes that can be used as artwork throughout the home. Postcards, treasured photos and shells all work well with multi-dimensional items such as buttons, coins, souvenirs and mementos.
  4. Think Yellow! So often when it comes to beach décor, most people think you can only use blue (the color of water), but I really love using yellow, which not only reminds me of sunshine but really serves to brighten beach décor and keep it cheery all year round. The wonderful thing about yellow is that, like a great black dress, you can pair it with so many things. Match it with warm colors to create a space that is cozy and cheery, or cool it down using shades like chartreuse and pair it with grays or black. From accessories to decorative elements, such as pottery to artwork and natural elements like woods and ropes, there are so many different ways to incorporate yellow into your décor.

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