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Feb 16 2011

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I don’t get It

This picture is from a Next125 advertisement. I believe it is supposed to convey the belief that design should be in harmony with nature. I don’t get it.


The leaves on the floor really bother me and I certainly don’t get the inclusion of goats. The one on top of the countertop is cute but that can’t be very sanitary. So far the untidiness of the picture has made me forget about the contemporary cabinets.

What do you think? What if the goat on the countertop was a bunny rabbit and the floors were a beautiful parquet? Would that do a better job of explaining their Philosophy?

I’ve seen many companies showcase a piece of contemporary furniture in a historic building and it’s generally an effective advertising scheme. If they want to tie these cabinets and their materials to nature, why not place the vignette in a field? A sunny field with green grass and wild flowers would be better than the gloomy interior above that makes me think of a foreclosed home.

Ann Porter

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  1.  The Kitchen Mogul |

    It is advertising, and it is doing its job, as we are writing and talking about it!

  2.  mike |

    I totally agree. Yes – you want your marketing to stand out and be distinctive but this does not get me to want to look into this cabinet line further – it makes me want to get out a broom and clean the floor!

    I want the marketing for kitchen products and kitchen remodeling to allow me to dream about what the new space will look like – and I know my wife and I aren’t envisioning goats and a leaves on the floor.

  3.  Ann Porter |

    Thanks for the comments! I agree that the point of advertising is to get people talking about your product but shouldn’t the talk be positive to promote a buying interest?

  4.  Woodnewman |

    I love it. ( but hey…I’m in advertising). To me, it also says you can mix contemporary with rustic/traditional. I looked at every element on the page. It worked.

  5.  Ann Porter |

    The photography is outstanding! The composition does make the eye wander around the image but I find myself seeing what’s wrong with the “installation” instead of what’s right.

  6.  Marie @ M2JL STUDIO |

    I like it! It’s fun and different.

    Goats eat pretty much everything so maybe this ad is saying that the goats ate everything around but the kitchen cabinets, because they are so nice.