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Mar 25 2010

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Just add air


With the first day of spring having just passed, I am starting to get excited for the gardening ahead. One of my favorite plants is this Xerographica. It is a type of tillandisias (air plant). It is not only stunningly beautiful, but also miraculously doesn’t require soil or water to grow. It only needs a light misting every few weeks. They absorb their nutrients from tree debris, and dust and dirt from the air. A plant that requires no water? Genius. That makes water-conserving xeriscaping plant choices very easy, and look great.

It makes a wonderful green gift (for others or for yourself) and is available from Flora Grubb (a talented and thoughtful woman and her Flora Grubb Gardens). You can either order online, or if you are in San Francisco, I highly recommend stopping by her gardens. I can easily spend an entire afternoon there.—Michelle Kaufmann

Water Conservation


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  1.  Debbi |

    It says on your site that xerographica can be purchased at http://www.floragrubb.com. A search of that website yields no results. Any other suggestions?