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May 07 2010

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Just an observation

Is it just me or does it seem to you that light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and hardware are getting as scarce as hen’s teeth, and “back order” is the order of the day? What was once an in stock item is now a 10-week wait sometimes?

Appliances seem to be getting a little flaky too—and not just because of supply, as much as arrangements between dealers and buying groups? What’s going on here? If we can’t count on ordering to produce a product in a reasonable time, we’ll have to start asking, “Is this in stock?” and have our clients start making decisions based on that rather than style and price as much.

Maybe making sure all is in hand before we start a project is prudent too. I know that’s a good idea in bathrooms always, but now, it is creeping in everywhere.

Just an observation…

Mark Brady

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