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Dec 01 2011

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Just in time for the holiday: giveaways for the design-minded


Looking for a gift for that special someone? Perhaps a Numi toilet? Of course, at more than $6,000, it isn’t for everyone, or that special someone would have to be pretty darn special.

Numi Toilet
Oh, they are? Well, there is one way you might be able to score one. Kohler has partnered with The WIRED Store for a—you guessed it—Numi giveaway. Opened on November 18 at Times Square in New York City, the 10,00-sq.-ft. showcase for some 200 cool products will run until December 24. Sharing the space with Kohler’s high-tech, high-profile toilet are kitchenware, luxury items, electronics and art. How do you enter the giveaway? Once you’re done checking out its numerous features, you can sign up at a kiosk in the store or scan a QR code on the Numi display for a chance to win. Not in New York City? No matter. You can also register online at the Numi microsite.

If you’re not in the market for a new toilet but would like a sleekly designed table lamp that is lit with LEDs, you may be in luck. California-based Cerno, which created this ultra-cool, ultra-contemporary pendant, is giving a Sero table lamp. All you have to do is go to the company’s Facebook page and—you know the drill—press the “Like” button for a chance to win.

Here’s a quote on the fixture’s design from Nick Sheridan, cofounder and director of design for Cerno: “The Sero is an exercise in restraint and simplicity; after stripping away all surplus, you are left with a flower-like head poised over your work surface. Slender and clean—no more obtrusive than absolutely necessary.” I can see that…


—Alice Liao

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