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Mar 06 2014

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KBIS 2014 Sessions Were Educational and Fun

On Tuesday afternoon I attended the session: “SoLoMo – The New Acronym That Leads to New Customers,” presented by the president of my local NKBA chapter, Phil Zaleon. Phil runs a marketing and promotion company, Z promotion & design, and is also a partner in The Kitchen and Bath Channel, a mobile and social media community linking homeowners with kitchen and bath and remodeling professionals.

Phil discussed how social and mobile media, as well as local exposure in TV and radio commercials, all work together to bring in different types of customers. He provided statistics about which social media sites are currently the most popular: Facebook has been the top social media site for a year. Pinterest, however, drives traffic to websites, and 85 percent of its viewers are women over 40, who happen to be the main buyers of kitchen and bath design/remodeling services. These statistics are a moving target because the popularity of social media sites changes often.

On Wednesday afternoon I attended the seminar: “Designing and Selling Using 3D Software,” presented by Scott Harris, CKD, CBD, vice president of Chief Architect. Every designer who uses 3D software knows how valuable it can be in helping clients see what their space will look like when your design is implemented. When you show a prospect a flat, 2D floor plan you do not get the same reaction as when you walk them through a 3D, full-color presentation.

Scott demonstrated how easy it is to create variations of the same kitchen using Chief Architect. He discussed how to leverage the software’s power and appeal to the client’s emotions by incorporating their very own backyard into the design. With Chief Architect you can select the scenery that is visible when one looks out the windows of a 3D view. You can use the backgrounds included with Chief Architect or import photos that you have taken into the program so clients will see a familiar site when they “stand” in their virtual new kitchen!

Design & Construction Week was a success any way you look at it. I hope to attend next year, and maybe by then I will figure out how to balance attending seminars and sessions with seeing all of the exhibits. Thank goodness K+BB does such a great job of summarizing what KBIS had to offer!

– By Anne-Marie Harvey, a kitchen and bath design consultant in Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

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