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Feb 02 2011

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Keep creating

I have been turning ideas over in my head for possible blog posts. I thought I might want to write about where designers find inspiration. This seemed like a good idea but I never got past the general outline in my head.

So as I sit at my computer today making my to-do list with “Write Blog Post” at the top yet again, I naturally decided to check my Twitter feed. Can I call this looking for inspiration or is it just procrastination?

ann porter

I like to think it’s research since my feeds are mostly design-related with some technology and marketing thrown in the mix.

I found a Blog by Michael C. Wagner (@bigwags), a business coach, on “12 Ways to Keep Creating Like Coldplay” that was inspired by a 60 Minutes piece. I remember watching this segment on TV and agree with Michael that it is very good.

From the 12 points I want to highlight my favorites.

1.     Don’t Wait For Mastery.

2.     Let Your Enthusiasm Show.

3.     Get Started With What You Have Right Now.

4.     Ditch The Ego.

5.     Know Your Rules.

Some days it can be hard to feel inspired or remember why we like working with clients who want a $25,000 bathroom remodel for $10,000. I think if we can concentrate on what made us fall in love with designing and creating spaces that make clients happy then it’s possible to get over any hump. It’s important to remember who you are too.  You are the client’s guide and by sticking to your rules you will always create a safe and comforting environment and match the best products with the client’s needs.

Read Michael’s full post here.

Ann Porter

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  1.  Mike Wagner |

    Thanks for linking to my Coldplay post and expanding on it here. Much appreciated!

    One of my clients is a 35 person commercial interior design firm. So, to some degree I understand your lament regarding “clients who want a $25,000 bathroom remodel for $10,000.”

    And I totally agree that going back to your “first love” – the “why” you became a designer is the right way to stay true to your self and maintain the journey.

    Thanks again for the link and the insight!

    Keep creating…it’s more fun that way,

  2.  Ann Porter |

    Thanks, Mike!