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May 25 2012

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Keeping the F.O.C.U.S.

Sometimes it helps to think of ways to get back on track when we lose sight of our priorities and goals. Here’s are five ways to do just that:

F stands for faith.

Having a passion and deep belief in what you do and the value you provide keeps you going in tough times. It never hurts to re-educate yourself on your business, your customers business or any information that would open up your mind to new ways of working and becoming more valuable to the ones you serve. This process of ongoing learning keeps your enthusiasm up and reinforces your belief that what you have to offer is of value.

O stands for organization.

Clean house. What I mean by that is clearing your desk, wiping your goal board on your wall clean (if you have one). And starting over with a clean slate. When I do this and start a new “to do” list or a short-term and long-term goal list it refocuses my mind on what’s important and allows me to work more efficiently. When we get off track, many times it’s because we become overwhelmed and frustrated because there are so many activities we are immersed in, and many of them are not the ones we need to be spending time on. I know there are so many programs on time management and organization, but you need to create the ones that work for you. We need to keep it simple. A board on the wall with our long term goals and a to do list with the activities listed that will help us reach those goals can make a huge difference in how you work and how you feel.

C stands for concentrated effort.

No great accomplishment happens overnight. Once you list all the activities that are involved in achieving your goal(s), it’s time to do the detail work and concentrate on small successes. By the mile it’s a trial, by the yard it’s hard, but by the inch it’s a cinch. What are you doing everyday to move your business forward one step at a time. No matter how many setbacks, rejections or obstacles you encounter, you have to look for the lessons learned and concentrate on your next move with greater intelligent action.

U stands for understanding.

Great listeners are hard to find but they sure do learn a lot. In any work environment, when you understand your customers and the people around you, it helps you stay focused on what’s important. My daughter just started working where she visits supermarkets and helps with displays. The best thing she could start doing would be to ask each store manager if there’s anything that she or the company is not doing that she could be doing to help with displays, make their job easier or just improve service. The fact that she is asking for ways to serve them better and customize a solution to their individual needs shows she cares and builds a stronger relationship. I told her that no ones ever listened themselves out of a sale.

S stands for service.

Our rewards in life are in direct proportion to our service. Anytime you feel your business is suffering, look for ways to increase your service. What can you do that would have your customers proactively recommend you to others? It doesn’t even have to do with selling your services or products. Many times I’ve helped clients with goals that had to do with helping one of their friends connect to someone that could help their business or even finding work for one of their kids who just graduated college.

The main point here is to look at what others are trying to achieve around you and help them by serving them first and selling after. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written this quote but it’s because it makes so much sense: “You can get anything you want in this Life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

Barry Farber

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