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Jun 13 2012

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Kipps Bay Decorator Show House

Yes, I’ve been bad. I’ve been sitting on some photos (not great, albeit) I took during a visit to the Kipps Bay Decorator Show House, which is closing tomorrow.

This year’s show house took over two units at The Aldyn Residences on the West Side in New York City and was particularly illuminating—at least, to me—of the significant difference a designer can make. From the sell sheets scattered throughout the show house, I caught glimpses of the condo units in their “normal” state and they seemed pretty much like standard New York City fare: small and, in some rooms, truly undistinguished. What the designers were able to do with them was truly remarkable.

There was, of course, a kitchen. In its original form, it, too, was small, especially when considered in relation to the rest of the home, noted designer Robert Schwartz, of St. Charles of New York. Consequently, one of the first things he did was to expand it into what I believe (but I could be wrong—I told you I’ve been bad) was an adjoining dining room. There he located an oversized island with a cooktop and sink, a second island/sideboard with another sink and a grand view of Manhattan and a series of tall wall cabinets that contain a La Cornue rotisserie, refrigeration and storage.

The modest corner to which the existing kitchen had been relegated has been opened up and equipped with stainless steel cabinets that wrap around a corner, ensuring ample storage and allowing Schwartz to include a beverage area. The upper units have subtly textured glass inserts, which add lightness, while the base units have simple slab doors. Black natural stone countertops and backsplash offset the cool metal.

Because existing infrastructure could not be moved, Schwartz concealed it (plumbing, I believe) with a dining table, which is lit from above with a dramatic, funky blue glass chandelier.

Schwartz also incorporated artwork where he could: a painting on a back wall, an abstract sculpture displayed on a table near a window. Those touches of culture, coupled with the openness of the space and its mix of door styles, materials and finishes, give the kitchen a look that is modern, urbane and oh-so-New York.

The Aldwyn is located at 60 Riverside Boulevard, Riverside South, in New York City.

You can see more of my photos from the visit on K+BB’s Facebook page.

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