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Dec 10 2012

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Kohler’s Moxie comes to the aid of shower singers everywhere

By Alice Liao

Even if you fancy yourself a solid enough singer to belt out your favorite tunes in the shower accappella-style, having a little musical backup only makes the experience that much more fulfilling, especially when your repertoire includes songs in a language that you don’t speak (but I digress).

Sure, devices for playing music in the bathroom abound, but none puts the music so as to allow you to fully lose yourself in both a relaxing shower and, say, BigBang’s hyper-pop “Fantastic Baby.” Kohler’s Moxie showerhead promises to do that.

I say “promise” because I haven’t actually installed it yet, but I have taken the one I was given at a recent press event for a test run in my bathroom.

Let me explain. The showerhead comes with an integrated speaker module that you can sync up to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device—in my case, a iPod nano. What’s cool for someone like me, who thinks switching out a showerhead is an ordeal (but knows it isn’t), the speaker is detachable and portable.

Plus, the sound quality is pretty decent. How decent? Put it this way, some of the songs sounded richer (like Bad Boy—I could hear the bass more clearly, and yes, I have very adolescent taste when it comes to pop music) than I remembered from listening to them through earphones or on my laptop.

The speaker runs on a lithium battery, which offers seven hours of playtime, and is recharged via a supplied USB cord. It is attached using a strong magnet and includes an on/off button that lights up to indicate operational status. Furthermore, at $199, Moxie makes for a nice gift to a friend or yourself.

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  1.  Ann Porter |

    When you install it, i want to hear how many times you recharge it before you decide it’s too much work.

  2.  Alice Liao |

    Tried to do the math about how often I would have to recharge it… I guess it depends on how long my showers are and how long I keep playing music after each shower. Maybe installing a U-Socket somewhere nearby might help 🙂