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May 07 2012

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Last day in Milan

Just wanted to mention that I’ve uploaded the last photos taken at the Milan Furniture Show to our Facebook page.

I spent part of my last day trying to snap some “make-up” shots at Eurocucina and FTK, which is the appliance pavilion, and the bulk of my time at the International Bathroom Exhibition (also occurring biennially), which offered plenty to see and occupied two halls. The last few hours I spent roaming the aisles of SalonSatellite, which features the work of young designers from all over the world. Fun, energetic and seriously abuzz, it’s definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself at the Salone del Mobile.

A note of caution: I haven’t labeled all of the photos in this last album, as they were formatted and uploaded last night and I need to go through my notes to see if I can remember/figure out the ones that are currently anonymous. In any case, the products speak quite well for themselves, no?

The above and bottom images were taken in the Duomo area on my last evening in Milan, which I had the good fortune to spend taking in a bit of the city and dining with designer Lisa Wilson-Wirth—a lovely ending to a rather high-octane, mind-dizzying trip!

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