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Jan 13 2012

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LG’s Blast Chiller is even cooler

On Wednesday, I blogged about the appliances LG is showing at CES, one of which is an award-winning refrigerator that can chill a can of soda in five minutes.

Thanks to my friend Ray, who sent me a link to a PopSci.com piece on the same refrigerator, it seems the Blast Chiller feature is even cooler than I first thought. What is it they say about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well, in this case, video is much more dramatic and explicit:

via PopSci.com

Of course, being at CES would be even cooler.

Check out the PopSci article for an explanation of how the feature works.

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  1.  Sue Sheff |

    How long does the quickly cooled soda can have to sit on the counter before you can open it after that aggressive shaking the fridge gives it?