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Jun 20 2012

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Lit metal and clay

One of the pleasures of attending ICFF is seeing all of the interesting decorative lighting products on display. It’s especially gratifying when you happen upon a company with which you’re unfamiliar, such as lightexture, which made its debut with three collections: the Iris Series, the Claylight Series; and the Steamlight Series.

The patented involution Iris pendant features a series of overlapping metal leaves that can be manipulated into different forms. The fixture’s name refers to the two “irises” or apertures at its center that open and close in opposition to each other. In other words, when one opens, the other closes, and vice versa. Iris is available in stainless steel, brass and copper in two diameters (that are adjustable): 7 1/2 in. and 14 in.

Claylight is a line of ceramic light fixtures designed with ceramic artist Sharan Elran. Made of clay and porcelain, the fixtures, when lit, produce a variety of patterns and thus environments via different perforations in the diffusers. Designed for use with xenon lamps, the collection includes sconces, desk and floor fixtures, as well as pendants in symmetrical and asymmetrical egg-like shapes

and Boomerang 4, a chandelier/mobile with four ceramic shades suspended from two Australian brigalow wood boomerangs.

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