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Aug 13 2012

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Make it right

I just took a look (online) at the new Make it Right duplex from famed architect Frank Gehry in New Orleans. The Make It Right Foundation was founded in 2007 by actor Brad Pitt to help rebuild the hardest hit region of New Orleans, the Lower 9th ward.

The fusion of ecologically friendly designs of top architects and green construction materials, the Make It Right homes have been honored with the title of “the largest, greenest neighborhood of single family homes in America” by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Just like all the Make It Right Homes, this one is built to LEED-Platinum certification standards. Gehry Partners

It is clear that privacy, daylight and maximization of space were considered by the architects. Unfortunately, the kitchens were designed for “construction efficiency.”

The description of the Gehry duplex indicates the kitchen initially was supposed to have an island to separate it from the living space. This would have greatly improved the kitchen’s functionality.
I could pick apart what I don’t like about this space and say that the old stereotype is true: Architects can’t design kitchens. Instead, I’ll just leave you with my overall sentiment:
These kitchens are so sad and out of character for such a wonderful neighborhood.

Ann Porter

(Credit: Chad Chenier Photography/Make It Right)

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