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Nov 07 2012

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Make that an inconvenient ugly truth

I’ve been mulling over what to report in about these past few days. I live in northern New Jersey, and we didn’t get hit as hard as the shoreline. I never lost power, but most of my neighbors and surrounding areas are without it. There are a few large branches in my yard and no damage at all to my sturdy little house. Others aren’t so lucky. I have extension cords from my house going to two neighbors houses so they can at least plug in their refrigerators and maybe a light or two. It’s starting to get cold out, so heat is going to be an issue.

(From November 4) The first long gas lines appeared the day before yesterday. My husband and I were out running errands and saw this long line on the shoulder of the highway. We really had no idea what was going on and finally figured it out as we rode by the gas station. It’s gone downhill ever since, and it’s starting to get ugly out there, with fights breaking out and police monitoring the distribution.

I’m sticking close to home and trying to conserve the half a tank of gas I have left, hoping to ride out the current situation which will hopefully be remedied by next week, God willing. So here are my thoughts, all of which you’ve heard before. Our reliance on fossil fuels is astounding and quite honestly, stupid. Are we ever going to learn that this isn’t exactly the way it should be, and that it’s way past time to at least supplement our voracious appetite for energy with something renewable, or at the very least, think about conserving the non-renewable fuels?

How much will it take before we realize that something’s gotta give? Whether or not you believe that such super storms like Sandy, Katrina or Irene may or may not be caused by climate change isn’t the issue. We can argue that point forever.

I don’t have an answer. I know that change doesn’t come easily, and the resolution, if any, is a complicated one. What I do know is what I see. That Americans are addicted to their comfort. Any variation from the “norm” has them running around like Chicken Little. I’m saddened to witness the long lines of people waiting for gas, people in New York City dumpster diving for food because they have nothing to eat. People devastated by their homes being swept away, and loss of human life. I pray for them and hope they can get the help they desperately need.

For those of us like me who are fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads, food, light and heat, take note. We get up every day and flip switches, turn on ignitions and never give it another thought. If we need something, we go get it. It’s taken less than three days to witness what happens when these conveniences are removed. It’s time to start thinking about how fortunate we are to have all these things, figure out ways to conserve the non-renewable resources we do have and make renewable energy a priority.

Patricia Gaylor

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