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Aug 12 2013

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Making the most of your bathroom

A bubble bathHome renovation projects are popular this time of year, and revamping an existing bathroom or adding a cloakroom or en-suite can add considerable value to your property.

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and can have a big impact on a decision to buy a property. Location may be the most important factor in deciding the value of your property, but improvements such as additional bathrooms and toilets also play an important part in raising the value of what is probably the most expensive thing you own.

Property specialists advise that you don’t develop a property out of its neighborhood; for example, it is not a good investment to install a very expensive kitchen in a house located in an area where the maximum selling price isn’t particularly high.

However, most property experts advise adding a bathroom as a great way to up your property’s value – particularly if you are aiming for the family market, although bedrooms should not be sacrificed for bathrooms most of the time.

Whatever you decide to do, a lovely bathroom will affect the value of your property, so a bathroom should always be finished to a high standard. The space should be planned well, and the toilet, bath or shower enclosure should be high-quality products.

So what are the current bathroom trends and what can you do to create a top class bathroom that appeals to potential homebuyers?

– Pastel Colors – Decorate your bathroom with paint or tiles in pale, seaside shades like light sky blue, vanilla or pastel pink. Pale colors are popular this season, and they match most styles of bathroom suite – traditional or modern – and age well.

– Showers – Installing a freestanding shower enclosure will provide extra space in most bathrooms, but if you still want the option of a bath, then a P-shaped shower/bath is the best of both worlds.

– Bathroom suites – Minimal, contemporary styles and natural materials are still big sellers for bathroom suites. Some manufacturers claim sales of colored ceramic bathroom suites are rising – in particular grey – though white is still the safest bet to appeal to a wider taste.

– Shower Trays – To add some color to your bathroom suite, consider a shower tray in a natural material or colored finish to make your shower enclosure stand out and compliment your bathroom suite.

– Furniture – Smart storage solutions are essential in modern bathrooms to hide clutter and maximize space. Vanity units, laundry units, cupboards and integrated bathroom suites are ideal to create space in more compact bathrooms and can be used as stylish features in larger rooms.

-Under-floor heating – With the rise in popularity of walk-in showers and wet rooms, under-floor heating is practical and invisible. It not only saves space but is an efficient way to heat and dry most bathrooms. We know you won’t need it in this weather, but under-floor heating is a godsend in the winter.

Modern, light and natural styles are dominating bathroom design this year. The great thing about these trends is they will not look dated quickly, they are suitable for bathrooms of all sizes, and they can be adapted to match both modern and traditional design styles.

With a water-saving shower enclosure and smart bathroom storage solutions, the latest bathroom trends will add value to your quality of life and your property.

– Lynne Wilson, WD Bathrooms

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