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Apr 01 2010

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Marketing makes you money

How much you earn in these challenging times may have less to do with your design skill than your marketing skill. It ain’t fair, but it’s fact: Many of the most financially successful design professionals lack the design skills of competitors earning much less.

Many of those getting the highest fees have worked fewer years than their competitors. Many haven’t won awards, some don’t work in major markets and a few don’t even have design degrees.

Fact is, they may be better at marketing than they are at design. They excel at promoting themselves. And, unlike the others, they “get” it. They understand that it doesn’t matter how good you are if the right people don’t know.

In recent years I’ve met so many highly gifted, multi-skilled design professionals who struggle financially. Why? Because they struggle with the idea of marketing. They choose not to promote themselves.

Show me a talented kitchen and bath professional who doesn’t market himself, and I’ll show you 10 others with half his talent earning twice his income. The reason? They promote themselves. He doesn’t.

Want to boost your income? Then, boost your marketing.

Some steps to get you started:

+ Create a “killer” commercial
+ Create a “knock-their-socks-off” website
+ Distribute a personal promotion kit
+ Write articles
+ Present seminars
+ Do features on local TV stations
+ Get referrals from clients
+ Align with vendors and suppliers
+ Align with allied professionals
+ Become a media interview source
+ Develop a blog or ezine
+ Use your voicemail as a marketing tool
+ Add a marketing “signature” to your email

As you launch your promotion campaign, you need not create new marketing materials from scratch. For an easy-to-use print or downloadable manual and forms to help design professionals maximize marketing impact, check out “Big Splash Little Cash” Marketing Materials Manual.

Fred Berns

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