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Jun 22 2012

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Minotti Cucine’s hip new digs in New York City

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to visit Minotti Cucine‘s one-month-old New York showroom in SoHo. It’s definitely worth a visit if only just to have the experience of walking by and being pleasantly surprised by the space itself.

The showroom is located in a building that previously housed an iron works company. Because the weather was gorgeous when I visited, its storefront, a motorized, oversized garage door, was completely open to the street, which made my initial encounter that much more memorable. Of course, brick walls, artwork scattered throughout and a dark coffee table, placed out front and adorned with the word “art” in slightly blurry white uppercase letters, helped plenty.

Once inside in the showroom, you may not immediately spot the four kitchens on display, but don’t feel too bad. As I learned from company CEO Gastone Pagot, Minotti Cucine is known for making ultra-minimalist kitchens that don’t aspire to look like kitchens. Targeted at the well-heeled, yet intended to be as social as their more conventional counterparts, they are extremely spare in line, dispense with cabinet hardware, come in stone, metal, wood and lacquered finishes and resemble large monolithic furniture pieces that just happen to contain a cooktop and/or a sink.

Their owners, Pagot added, tend to cook only one night out of the week. “And eat out the rest of the week?” I asked. He nodded and smiled.

One kitchen in metal and stone

A second kitchen featuring stone and lacquer

The wall units in the background contain a cooktop…

…while the sink is located in the island (and what a sink it is!).

This cube-like structure is equipped with doors that conceal a modest kitchen—sans cooktop or range—when not in use. Additional storage is situated on the other side.

I have to admit, prior to my visit, I wasn’t all that familiar with Minotti Cucine. According to Pagot, the company was started in the 1940s, is currently owned by private equity and has enjoyed a long tradition of setting trends for other kitchen makers in Italy. Currently, its offerings include 12 kitchen collections, each of which allows for much customization. Each order takes about eight weeks to be made, and prior to delivery, clients have the opportunity to travel “on the company’s dime” to see their kitchen pre-assembled in the company’s facility in Italy. And yes, this also applies to clients in the United States.

Although the New York showroom is new, Minotti is no newcomer to the U.S. market. It has had a presence stateside for the last 12 years, thanks to its showroom in Chicago. Miami will soon follow.

And if you’re wishing to extend the company’s clean, streamlined aesthetic to the bathroom, you can. Minotti also makes bathroom fixtures and furnishings.

If you’re in town, stop by the showroom at 43/45 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013. (All photos by © D.R.)

The fourth kitchen display consists of a large island in beautiful ash wood that has been exposed to extreme heat for durability. It contains a sink and cooktop.

Plumbing and wiring is concealed in the legs. The island also incorporates storage.

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