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Jun 14 2012

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Old wood

Unlike some people I know (and you know who you are), I don’t look down on wood-look tiles and can see where they might come in handy. Besides, it’s really hard to avert your eyes in disgust when they look like Oxy Wood, a collection of porcelain-body tiles I saw at Nemo Tile a few weeks ago.

Resembling wood reclaimed from an old barn or a windswept beach house, the tiles come in 6-in. x 36-in. and 8-in. x 36-in. planks in four colors: beige digue,

brown flax,

white smoke

and grey pepper.

The following are some images I took at the Nemo showroom, including close-ups that (hopefully) show the level of detail achieved in the printing. That and the textural qualities are exquisite, especially in grey pepper.

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