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Feb 27 2017

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On the Wild Side

Verona, Italy, is best known for being the hometown of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Now it is also the hometown for stone surface manufacturer Antolini, which just unveiled its showroom and headquarters in the medieval city. KBB spoke with Milan-based designer Alessandro La Spada to find out what made the Antolini Haute Nature Lifestyle showroom so unique in an already distinctive city.

The Layout: The 12 rooms that make up the showroom are underground, beneath the sample factory. This was to give visitors an unexpected “wow” factor when they descend the stairs.

The Theme: Each room pays tribute to Mother Nature. According to La Spada, an animal theme was chosen to show that just like in fashion, there are reoccurring patterns throughout nature. No real – or faux – animals were used in the actual showroom.

The Rooms

Entrance (Panther Room): Visitors enter the showroom via the staircase, made with the Dalmata Allight Collection. The second stone backsplash is Nero Assoluto Memorial in hydro finish. This is the first design visitors see, and it is a contrasting setting where lighting and white tones are right alongside shadows and solid black.

Corridor (Tiger Room): All rooms connect to the corridor, made with Alhambra Brown. The lighter earth tones and smooth stripes in the natural pattern recall that of a tiger.

Bar Area (Lion Room): Bianco Lasa Covelano Vena Oro in a polished leather finish matches the pelt of the white lion.

Sitting Area (Peacock Room): Adjacent to the bar area is a seating area made with the same stones as the bar, but it also features a colorful blue wall. The bench, mounted on the wall, is entirely made of Bianco Lasa/Covelano Vena Oro.

Kitchen (Turtle Room): The central island is made with Black Cosmic in a leather finish, Naica Quartz in a polished finish and Black Cosmic in a polished finish on the different sides. These contrasting colors evoke the different colors on a turtle’s shell.

Dining Room (Leopard Room): A stone that has been used to decorate royal settings for hundreds of years is the centerpiece of the room. The rich pattern of Brêche de Vendôme makes the setting appear like a contemporary palace – ideal for the royal figure of a leopard.

Bathroom: (Falcon Room): With both the floor and the walls in Bianco Lasa/ Covelano Vena Oro, the natural patterns flow into each other in colors similar to a falcon’s.

Spa Area (Hyena Room): The indirect lighting brings new life to the contrasting colors, flowing lines and lively shapes of the stone – echoing the fur of the hyena.

“The design of the spa area was my favorite,” said La Spada. “Alberto Antolini gave me unrestricted freedom to express my creativity. The awe-inspiring setting is the perfect final chapter in the Haute Nature Lifestyle showroom.”

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