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Apr 22 2011

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Pershing Galley

This past week I was able to take a peek at a 64-ft. Pershing Yacht. I immediately loved the modern styling. The first place I headed, naturally, was the galley.

Here’s my picture of the galley followed by a professional photo from Pershing.

I think the angle of the sink is really interesting. It can be used by someone while the cook stands at the cooktop.

I tend to prefer modern looking boats and I loved the contrast of the light veneer with the dark floor and countertop. I recently discovered that the Ernestomeda Yacht Division collaborates with Pershing. Ernestomeda is  one of my favorite Italian cabinet lines.

Here’s my picture of the Bosch refrigerator fully paneled. There are catches inside to keep the doors from swinging open although it would seem the appliance gasket would do that but I’ve never tested a refrigerator at sea. A full door may have enough weight to swing open under the right conditions.

galley frig
galley frig2

LED task lighting is used throughout. The only change I might want would be a leather finish on the countertop. The glare off the reflective surface might get to be a little too much after a while. On the other hand, I think there are expectations for boats to have shiny surfaces so you may disagree with my preference.

Ann Porter

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    I am glad you enjoyed your time onboard the Pershing 64. We do use Ernestomeda cabinets in our larger yachts as well as on some of our other Ferretti Group product lines. As for the leather on the countertop, for you Ann I would be happy to accomodate a Poltrona Frau leather countertop you just have to pick the color.


  2.  Ann Porter |

    Thanks, Justin. It may be some time before I’m ready to have a Pershing all my own.