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Mar 05 2010

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Personal Promotion Precedes Profits

If you’re not getting the respect you want—and the income you need—it’s not “This Economy’s” fault.

It’s yours.

That’s my perspective as a business coach and trainer for interior design professionals worldwide.

If you’re like many design pros, you do an inadequate job of telling others how good you are. You’re like your own best-kept secret.

This is a bad time for that.

The most financially successful design professionals today are not necessarily the best designers.

They’re not necessarily the ones with the most experience, affiliations or design degrees.

The most financially successful design professionals are the ones who are the best personal promoters. Maybe that’s not right or fair. But it’s a fact.

The kitchen and bath specialists, designers, architects, decorators, stagers, retailers and others who are thriving this year are doing the best job of personal salesmanship.

They’re the ones who realize that, first and foremost, they’re not selling Formica, furniture or fabrics.

They realize that, first and foremost, they’re selling themselves.

It’s never been easier to get elsewhere the design services and products that you sell. But there’s one thing that prospects can’t get elsewhere: You.

Don’t just tell me you offer nice cabinets and countertops, fixtures and finishes. I know that.

Tell me why I should buy them from you.

Tell me that you’re the ONLY design professional in your area offering such a wide selection of cabinets, or the only one with clients worldwide, or the only one working with five national restaurant chains.

That will help me understand your value.

For more tips on how to make the Personal Sale, check out my free report entitled, “7 Steps to Peak Profits in Challenging Economic Times.”—Fred Berns

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