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Jan 22 2014

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Pink is in? Why, yes it is!

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Interior designer Perla Lichi (www.perlalichi.com) says that hot pink is a hot new accent color for home décor, especially among people with bold tastes and outgoing personalities.

“This may not be for everyone,” says Lichi, who is known for her classic, highly detailed luxury design, “but vivid colors like hot pink create a happy ambiance that many people find cheerful and upbeat.”

Lichi feels that interior design is always in sync with what’s big in fashion, and she has noticed hot pink shoes and handbags, as well as jewelry – all accessories in the fashion industry.

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“Hot pink is a great color as we bring in the New Year – fun, fresh, bold, and with the right touch, it can brighten any home,” she added.

K+BB followed up with the designer to get some more information on the advent of this and other new accent colors.

Are these colors typically being seen in younger people’s spaces?
Younger people definitely love this hot and fresh combination, but I have noticed that a lot of ladies in their 40s and 50s are now using these colors in their bedrooms.

Do you see a demand for other bold accent colors?
I also see a demand for amethyst purple, which works well together with the hot pink.

Are you designing more kitchen and bath projects that include this color? If so, for what sort of elements is it being used?
Yes, in bathroom I have used hot pink iridescent mosaic inserts. In kitchen, I have used it as a backsplash and as inserts in window treatments – and for sure as hot pink leather on stools.

Where else could a designer use this color in a kitchen or bathroom?
I recommend using this color in those rooms just for accents, that way it is easier to change in case the trend changes or they just want a change in color. In the kitchen, this color could be used when selecting dishes, placements and even appliances like a blender. In bathrooms, it can be selected for rugs, towels, accessories and art. I always encourage people to be adventurous with color, and accessories are a perfect way to do this. And for more permanent elements, why not use it in mosaic or tile inserts?

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