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Nov 16 2016

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Powder Room Perfection


Lori Carroll of Lori Carroll & Associates recently won the 2016 International Design of the Year Award from Designer Kitchen & Bathroom, a trade publication in Essex, England, for her “Gemstone” bathroom. The award celebrates innovation and inspiration and is open to entrants from around the world. It is judged by a panel of professionals with expertise in kitchen and bathroom design, architecture, retail, interior design and business.

KBB spoke with Carroll about her project and why it was a no-brainer for this award.

What was the idea behind the design of this bathroom? 

Carroll: Luxury is all about the experience. I wanted to create a powder room design that allowed guests to relax and reflect in uncompromising style. Ambient light, high-end materials and rich tones and textures were all the qualities for a truly amazing space.

What were the homeowner’s goals, and how did you achieve those?

Carroll: These well-traveled clients definitely wanted a powder room in their new custom home that was different from any others they had seen. Each element in the design appealed to their adventurous side from the intricate stone slabs to the spectacular wall sconces that sparkle like jewelry for a one-of-a-kind bathroom.


What are the standouts of the space?

Carroll: Of course the onyx gets the most attention in this powder room, however, even the smallest details stand out, including fixtures like a Neo Metro Mini Loo stainless toilet powder coated in amber bronze. Dazzling sconces guide the way into this powder room; hand-formed, angle-cut crystal rods are infused with mineral crystalline that creates a spectacular display over the vanity.

Did you overcome any challenges along the way?

Carroll: The greatest challenge was keeping the powder room design as unique as the architectural features to provide the most impact. Using sources of light to avoid a dark, heavy feeling generated the small footprint and resulted in an energized space guest could enjoy.


What criteria did your bathroom meet to win the award?

Color has everything to do with setting the tone in a space; adding light orchestrates the perception of that color. When designing this alluring powder room, the rich hues in the specialty paint finish and a glass bead wall covering became the backdrop for layers of light, each highlighting elements that make this bathroom unique.

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