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Mar 01 2010

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Recycled Beauty


One of the eco-principles we use when designing homes is using eco-materials – materials that are renewable or recyclable. A good example of this is to use glass tiles made of recycled glass. One of my favorite examples of beautiful recycled tile is Maienza-Wilson’s gorgeous house in Montecito (image above and below by Jim Bartsch, courtesy Maienza Wilson). They used tiles from Oceanside that were at least 50% content of recycled or post industrial glass tiles, used in different sizes, finishes, and colors. The result is modern eco-elegance in every bathroom.



For their wine room, they used copper and wine colored glass mosaic tiles on the softly arched ceiling giving the room a liquid feel, but with warmth, similar to a wonderful glass of red wine.


For the Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry (the mkSolaire that I designed), we used glass tiles from Bedrock Industries that are made from chardonnay bottles. I love the poetry and history of using glass in new, modern ways that have a story behind them. The variations in the color and texture have me wondering where the various bottles came from, and a bit of connection to the past (like an old weathered wood floor).


There are many options with varying colors, finishes, sizes, so there is a ton of design flexibility. However, currently, the recycled glass tiles do typically cost more than non-recycled glass tiles. However, the costs seem to be lowering, and hopefully will be similar to the path of organic foods with lowering costs with increased supply and demand, and will soon the cost increase will be negligible.


So next time you are looking for tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, consider using recycled glass tiles for eco-luxury and beauty.

For more information, here are some links:
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