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Jun 21 2010

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RRP lead law: April 22nd, 2010, a day that will live in infamy

Well, well, well, if you ask me, the United States government through the office of the Environmental Protection Agency and the RRP law, has just declared war on the remodelers and homeowners of America and turned every home or building in America built pre-January 1, 1978, into a clunker. A clunker for which there is no cash. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

At last count, the EPA says that only 20 percent of the contractors who need to take the RRP course (a travesty of a course) have taken it. Along with that, I bet there aren’t even a handful of real estate agents or any homeowners who know this war was declared while they were sleeping. This law can—and will—end your career and reduce the values of pre-1978 homes to less than nothing. The bible they gave us is an inch thick and pales by comparison to the paperwork needed to document everyday, on the job, in defense of yourself when they come for you. “Are your papers in order?”

Let me explain:
I took the National EPA RRP Course (Repair, Renovation and Painting) in May. It was eight hours long. We were not allowed to ask any questions. They took our pictures holding a damned “mug shot” card in the beginning and we took a graded test at the end.

During the course, you learn what the law says and why. You learn how you will work on your jobs from now on, and you want to cut your wrists on the way home. I am not kidding. They even told us in the first two hours of the course that you’ll want to shoot yourself for probably killing—by poisoning—your own children, your wife and all your customers who live in the houses you remodeled over the years. In the second two hours, you’ll want to throttle the instructor and the eggheads who thought up this law, the penalties and the methods. You tremble at the thought of EPA inspectors “catching you” violating this new law. They start to take on Gestapo-like qualities in your mind’s eye. (Read the rest of this post here).

Mark Brady

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