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Jan 10 2013

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Salvaged chic: low impact + high style

Repurposing old elements to create a fresh design approach

I just spent a solid hour browsing through Pinterest looking at pictures of gorgeous rooms using salvaged materials. I “pinned” some of them and will share some of my favorite images with you. But first, here’s a couple of photos from a house I designed in Orlando for GreenBuilder Magazine a couple of years ago.

As a “green” designer, I love using anything I can to create the look I want while also being low-impact. Using salvaged materials isn’t just for us “greenies”; it also creates a one-of-a-kind custom look that will always please your customers. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to use stuff that’s already in my client’s home, which I then try to find new and different ways to display. For example, I had these shelves made from shipping pallets that were used to ship ceramic tile to the house I was working on. The mantle on the left was made from a scrap of leftover micro-lam lying around the job site.


The dining room table top was made from salvaged bleacher seats!


Here are some awesome images from Pinterest from various sources showcasing salvaged design
at its best:

When this homeowner discovered 100 years worth of linoleum and sailcloth under the kitchen floor, he salvaged enough to cover one stair with each layer.

Italian marble tops the kitchen’s custom cabinetry, while salvaged Victorian corbels serve as distinctive brackets for the stove’s hood.

Adding character to a kitchen with a salvaged sink

Island corbels from salvaged Victorian porch



Shelving ideas…




Here’s a salvaged headboard turned chalkboard:


So pretty !


Patricia Gaylor

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