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Jun 03 2010

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Sell “Now” as well as “Wow”

Your biggest challenge in this challenging economy isn’t getting customers to buy. It’s getting them to buy now.

You simply can’t afford to let prospects stand by, to think about it, to hold off for now, to shop around a bit. It’s dangerous to let them play the waiting game. You can’t sell when they sit. When they snooze, you lose. Their procrastination is your poison.

An excellent strategy now is to use this economy to your advantage. How? By explaining exactly why a prospect should buy from you now.

Say, someone says that this economy is why they can’t afford your design services now. Your response? “This economy is precisely why you should invest in our services now.”

“Financial gurus say your home is your most important asset, your ‘safest haven’ in times like these. Well, we can help you increase your home’s value and prepare it for resale.”

In my Audio Success Series, I cover several ways to use this turnabout technique. Here are some of them:

This is exactly the time to invest in our design services because we can help you…

… modify your kitchen and bathrooms so that you can save on water bills.
… install more energy-efficient window treatments in your lobbies.
… make more efficient use of space in your corporate offices, now that you’re downsizing.
… update your models, so that you can move the condos more quickly.
… finish the basement, and add a bedroom that you can rent out.
…save now, rather than pay more in the future on things like furniture and fabrics.

Those design professionals most adept at addressing “this economy” are the most successful in any economy.

Fred Berns coaches design professionals on how to dramatically increase sales and promote themselves more effectively. For his free report on how to Supersize Your Sales in Challenging Economic Times, visit http://www.fredforfree.com.

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