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Apr 15 2010

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Selling sins that can do you in

It doesn’t matter how talented you are at kitchen and bath design if you can’t sell your services. And you can’t sell your services if you regularly commit selling sins like these:

(excerpted from The Superstar Selling System for Design Professionals)

1/ Failing to Chart Your Course. A design professional without a sales plan is like a ship without a rudder.

2/ Failing to Qualify Prospects. If they can’t afford your price, you can’t afford to waste your time.

3/ Failing to Play Doctor. You need to find out what really hurts. Hint: It isn’t your price.

4/ Fear of Price Objections. Welcome them! They’re buying signals.

5/ Cutting Your Price Without Cutting Your Service. If they want to pay less, you should provide less.

6/ Missing Signals. Questions about delivery, warranty, service, etc., mean they’re ready to buy. Are you ready to sell?

7/ Failing to Ask for Referrals. Ask, and ye shall receive. Don’t, and you won’t.

8/ Failing to Upsell. Excuse me, you left something on the table: money.

9/ Failing to Ask for the Sale. How else can you seal the deal?

10/ Failing to Sell Yourself. The most important sale you’ll ever make is the personal one.

Fred Berns

Want more? Berns has just released “10 for ’10: The Ten VERY BEST Ways to Turbocharge Your Design Business in 2010,” a report that provides simple sales, marketing and business management steps by which kitchen and bath and other professionals can dramatically increase their sales and profits. The report can be accessed here.

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