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Dec 13 2010

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Seven Steps to Peak Profits in 2011

It won’t take magic for kitchen and bath professionals to attract bigger projects from better clients, and get higher profits in the year ahead. It will take seven simple strategies.

#1: Sell Yourself! Communicate with confidence, and present yourself with polish. The most important sale you’ll ever make is the Personal one.

#2: Expand Your Brand. Create your brand around your “Only” statement. Nothing differentiates you better.

#3: Risk More Rejection. Don’t be “nullified” by “No.” Understand that it may simply mean “Not now.” Or, “Not yet.”

#4: Add “Wow!” to Your Website. Include a knock-their-socks-off Home Page. Address timely, topical issues in a website blog, and make your site interactive.

#5: Save the Best for First. Show your best before talking about the rest.

#6: Focus on the Future. Discuss “Phase II” before you start Phase I.

#7: Persist. Winners never quit. Quitters never win.

Fred Berns coaches interior design professionals worldwide. Contact him at 303-665-6688, or Fred@FredBerns.com.

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