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Mar 24 2010

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Showing up

As I sit here at LaGuardia airport with what seems like all of humanity at the gate as well as inside the airport I think about sharing my purpose for this trip. I am attending a training seminar for Jenn-Air appliances in Atlanta.

I’ve attended other training seminars this year and attend various industry events, both locally and long distance. I also attend KBIS every year and interior design shows in my area. I pay attention to the High Point and Las Vegas interior design markets trends, read design blogs and generally try to keep continually updated on what the pulse is in the design world and in society at large. I also watch CNBC on occasion, which is often very revealing in regard to what is happening with our domestic and global economies.

I have never understood those who say they do not need or wish to go to KBIS, as one “show” example. I’ve been in this industry for 22 years and I know that—with as much experience as I have—I will, without a doubt, learn something of value. In fact, I learn quite a few things of value at every visit to every show and seminar.

Having the latest information and knowledge of current appliance technology, brushing up on venting via a seminar and just walking the aisles in search of connecting dots to spot trends keep me up to date and ever learning. “In this economy,” a phrase we often hear, it is more important than ever to prove our relevance as knowledgeable designers in today’s kitchen and bath marketplace.

Continually learning about our industry’s ever-changing marketplace developments positions a designer head and shoulders above the competition, and spreading the word to our clients about attendance and participation in industry events is the thing to do. When it is time for the client to compare one designer to another, I, for one, believe that a client’s perception of a designer’s up-to-date knowledge on what’s happening in our industry is an important piece to the decision process.

Susan Serra


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  1.  Jessica for Jenn-Air |

    Hi Susan,

    Glad that you’re getting to attend our appliance training session in Atlanta, and hope you find it a worthwhile experience. Look forward to hearing your thoughts, and look forward to connecting with you at KBIS (which I agree, is a great event)!

    All the best,
    Jessica for Jenn-Air

  2.  details and design |

    I am with you Susan! Yes, it takes time away from doing work..per se…but the knowledge you gain from almost any of the shows is so important. My favorite quote is from Woody Allen “80% of success is just showing up”.

    He does not mean literally but you can say attending shows and seminars is the “reality” of showing up…what you get out of them is the “attitude” of just showing up. If that makes any sense at all!

    I am simply amazed though how many people in our industry do not ever bother to “show up” and then wonder why their business fails? Not too hard to figure out!