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Jul 11 2016

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Small Kitchen Changes For Visual Results

Symes Kitchen - AFTER

Mix and match countertops to add visual texture.
Kitchen by Arch-Interiors Design Group Inc.

Although my clients in Beverly Hills typically have big budgets to go along with their big home renovations, I was recently interviewed by Lou Manfredini of WGN Radio in Chicago on what more budget-conscious homeowners can do to incorporate some of the luxury-inspired trends into their own kitchens. This includes some small things you can suggest to your clients to make a really big impact and freshen up the kitchen.

Here are some of my top tips I discussed with Lou on kitchens:

• Upgrade Lighting. This can include replacing existing ceiling-mounted fixtures or chandeliers for a quick update that adds a piece of “jewelry” to a room; retrofitting existing incandescent downlights with new LED fixtures to save money and eliminate oversized, dated can lights; and always install dimmers to control the mood in any space.


Upgraded lighting adds “jewelry” to the room.
Photo courtesy of Arch-Interiors Design Group Inc.

• Alleviate “Stainless Steel Fatigue.” A quick update would be to cover stainless steel appliances with matching cabinetry panels to create a cleaner look that also makes the room feel larger.

• Mix and Match Countertops. Natural stone is always popular, but quartz and solid surface products are a nearly bulletproof alternative. We very often design using both, choosing one material for the perimeter and another for an island to create a visual texture to the space.

• Create Art on Vinyl. For several of my commercial projects, I created murals by producing images on vinyl. Homeowners can select their favorite high-resolution images and produce them as a piece of art in their desired size and color; then update drapes, towels or rugs to complement the new color.


Murals made from vinyl serve as a stunning focal point.
Photo courtesy of Arch-Interiors Design Group Inc.

• Update Kitchen Cabinetry. There’s a definite trend toward open shelving in the kitchen. This is a look you can easily achieve for your clients by removing existing cabinet doors. Paint is another easy way to create an instant upgrade for cabinetry. While some hesitate to paint over wood cabinets, it is a very affordable way to create a fresh look – especially if the wood stain is extremely dated – and changing cabinetry door hardware is always an easy yet fresh change.

– By Christopher Grubb

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