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Mar 18 2011

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Small luxuries are back

New Research from the National Retail Federation shows that Americans aren’t just spending again; they’re embracing many of the little luxuries they shunned during the recession.

The study focused on the shifting definition of what is essential for consumers and what is discretionary as the economy improves.

In addition to little splurges, consumers are showing an increasing desire for simplicity. I think this is good news for Designers who have been excluded in recent years from remodeling due to Big Box stores pushing DIY retail. This led to much anguish for homeowners as recently discussed by Nick (@cupboards) on his blog Cupboards Online.

Consumers are starting to put a value on their own time again and this will lead them to look for designers they can trust.

If this weren’t true, Ace Hardware wouldn’t be running new ads themed “Get back your weekend.” It’s no wonder they rank higher in customer satisfaction than both Lowes and Home Depot.

Ann Porter

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  1.  newnewjerseygirl |

    The Big Box (NYC) I work for has certified designers, who don’t work on commission, who are available evenings and who handle such high volume that the desingers are experts. We value our clients weekends-so we always have staffing-weekdays, evenings and weekends. Private firms cannot compete-and I often see remarks knocking us, with comments that are not accurate.