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Oct 24 2012

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Soaped up

Freestanding tubs seem all the rage now, and I guess for good reason. Sculptural, shapely and sometimes resembling a work of art, they exude a feeling of luxury, promise complete pampering and infuse instant drama into any bathroom.

But if you’re a rigorous minimalist who prefers their bath-cum-sculpture free of clutter—with the exception of an ultra-streamlined tub filler—where do you put your soap?

Wetstyle has introduced a solution: the Soap Cone. Designed by the Wetstyle Design Lab, Soap Cone is a cone-shaped soap holder that is made of polyurethane gel, allowing it to adhere to the interior or exterior of the tub. Because the adhesive surface can be rinsed without losing its stickiness, the soapholder can be removed and relocated when needed. Other applications include on a glass wall in a shower or even in a kitchen sink.

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