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Sep 21 2012

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Softer, gentler colors for 2013

Pretty in yellow? I think so. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Lemon Sorbet 2019-60, which the company has announced as its 2013 color of the year. According to Sonu Matthew, ASID, IIDA and Benjamin Moore’s senior interior designer, the color palette for next year will be dominated by pastels, which may provide some people a welcome break from the “super-saturated and strong hues” that are currently in vogue.

Here’s another shot of the paint color:

Benjamin Moore has also announced 18 other trend colors for 2013, which it is proposing in six combinations.

The first features Teacup Rose, Spring Dust and Baja Dunes:

The second pairs a pale Lemon Ice and Simply White with a soft putty-like Baja Dunes:

In the third combination, the cool airy tones of Antiguan Sky and Sweet Innocence are juxtaposed with a warmer, earthy Dark Mustard:

The fourth, for some reason, makes me think of a beach in the springtime when the visitors are few and the sun is muted by clouds—or maybe I’m just tired. It combines Peachy Keen, Dark Linen and Thundercloud Gray:

The fifth group offsets a cheerful Pink Raspberry with the more somber Blue Ice and Dakota Woods Green:

For cooler heads, this suggested combo comprises Juneau Spring, Woodland White and Polar Sky:

What do you think? Are you ready for a softer and gentler color palette? I know I am. I don’t know if this is also happening in fashion but when my cousin returned from a trip to Scandinavia, she brought back some magazines, one of which featured this sweater, my current obsession:

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  1.  Julie |

    That lemon sorbet with the honeycomb design is just incredible! No wonder this color is the 2013 color. It’s the right amount of yellow and it’s so versatile.