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Oct 25 2016

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#Styling Spaces

modern-family-eat-in-kitchen-1Last week’s #KBTribeChat was hosted by designer Toni Sabatino of Toni Sabatino Style, one of our Editorial Advisory Board members. We talked about why we have design rules and the fun we have in breaking them, and here’s what we gathered:

  1. Where do you learn the rules?
    – Rules (meant to be broken) come from accepted conventional thinking as well as school and association training.
    – We are taught the rules at a young age. Building a foundation of knowledge is important, and stifling creativity is wrong.
    – Rules are often based on experience. Tradition can dictate the rules too.
  2. Do you consider current trends to be rules?
    – We think current trends serve as great guidelines for showcasing relativity and pushing the rules in new directions.
    – Current trends should inspire but not necessarily set the rules.
    – If we all rely on what’s trending, it’s not exiting or new.
  3. What is your chief source of inspiration?
    – Instagram allows you to be inspired by design all over the world – the great wanderlusts around the globe – cities, mountains, lakes, beaches.
    – I am strongly driven by people and nature.
    – Customers can even be a great source of inspiration.
  4. What are our thoughts about color combos: red and purple? Clash or complementary juxtaposition?
    – Why not? Red and purple are great standalone colors and look amazing as abstract art.
    – The color combo can be tricky but also a success if you layer them on prime white/black/gray base tones.
    – Opposite colors, once taboo in design, are often used to bring balance to spaces.
    – Opposite colors are juxtaposed in nature all the time.
  5. Do you find nature to be a rule maker or a rule breaker?
    – Colors in nature are good for inspiration, and colors in nature never clash.
    – Nature is the ultimate rule breaker. Her fusion of shapes, colors and textures redefines beauty and possibilities.
    – Nature is an inspiration, not a rule.
    – Nature reminds us that design doesn’t have to be symmetrical and that lines don’t have to be straight.Join this week’s KBTribeChat by typing #KBTribeChat into Twitter at 2 pm EST.

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