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Jun 15 2011

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Stylish glass inserts for contemporary cabinets

With all the great glass available these days, I’m surprised to see so many kitchens and other cabinetry in photographs with the same clear or frosted styling.

If your cabinet line is still using the same-old, same-old, why not check out the latest patterns from a local glass shop instead? They not only add another interesting texture, but they’re easier to clean as the pattern doesn’t show fingerprints as much.

Check out 3 of my current favorites for modern styling (note: they might be labeled by a different name in your area):

Kelly M_1

Thela—linen-style, slightly wavy

Kelly M_2
Chinchilla—fur without the guilt

Kelly_4Crocodile Hide—has an embossed side resembling rain drops on glass on one side

A quick word of advice: The pattern can be heavily embossed (like the crocodile hide above), so I specify installing the glass with the smooth side facing outwards for ease of cleaning.

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