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Feb 13 2015

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Takeaways from NKBA U Courses at KBIS

Missed NKBA University’s courses at KBIS? Instructors shared their big lessons and ah-hah moments from the show’s most popular courses:

Laurie Brown Photo[2]

From BORN TO BUY: “Connecting effectively with different generations requires a smart mix of communication. Personal connection resonates with everyone, but it’s often direct mail or a strong presence on Houzz, for example, that spurs in-person interaction. Know who you want to reach, and know how to best reach them. Not everyone’s the same.”
Laurie Brown

Tim Donahue Head Shot

From RECRUITING AND HIRING FOR SUCCESS: “Recruiting and hiring can be challenging for small businesses, especially since we’re typically only in “recruitment mode” when an immediate need arises. Having a process empowers you to keep a constant pulse on your business’ needs, as well as an open eye for the right person so you already know who you want to bring on board when the time is right.” – Tim Donahue

ShawnDoyle_High Res

From AH HA! LEARNING TO THINK CRITICALLY AND CREATIVELY: “Brainstorming the same old way makes it nearly impossible break away from your same old ideas. At your next brainstorming session, try out a new method like random stimulation. It mimics what happens to your brain when those brilliant, out-of-the-blue ideas strike that were subconsciously spurred by something around you. Print out 10-12 random images, pin them up discuss what they bring to mind. This simple exercise takes your mind off the problem at hand and frees it for brain play to focus on something else.”
Shawn Doyle

TOLBERT_Head shot_4_23_14_low_res[2]

From DiSCOVER YOUR SELLING STYLE: “For those of us who don’t have sales in our job title but are still required to wear the hat, the stress of closing a sale makes us cringe. Take the pressure off by taking a consultative approach. Yes, your ultimate goal is to win the business, but a client-centric mentality strengthens rapport, sets you apart from the competition and positions you as a long-term resource. You won’t win them all, but rest assured that when the time is right to buy, your name will be top of mind.” – Terry Tolbert, National Kitchen & Bath Association


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