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Jul 29 2010

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Ten reasons you fail to get your fees

If you’re feeling overworked and underpaid this long, hot summer, don’t blame your clients.

Chances are, you’re undervaluing your services or committing one of the other common “money miscues” of kitchen and bath pros.

The audio program Twice the Price: Double Your Dollars as a Design Professionals points out that  many pros don’t get the fees that they set because they:

1/ fail to qualify prospects, as to their need, budget, commitment and authority to hire a design professional.

2/ lower their fees without reducing their service.

3/ undercharge for expenses.

4/ don’t explain their services.

5/ don’t realize that price objections are buying signals. (A prospect wouldn’t take the time to complain about your fees if she was disinterested in your services.)

6/ give away their time.

7/ discuss price too soon.

8/ discuss budget too late.

9/ don’t differentiate themselves from those who charge less.

10/ don’t attach a value to themselves and their service.

Fred Berns

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