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Jun 10 2010

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The 3 most powerful words in the English language

What keeps people going after their passion and goals without giving up?  What keeps their attitude intact when everything seems to be going wrong around them?

I remember hearing a story of an American team of mountain climbers getting ready to climb Mount Everest and one of the climbers answered this question.

Before making the climb, each member of the team was interviewed by a psychiatrist.  The one question that was asked of each climber was this:

“Will you make it to the top?”

Each of them had positive and enthusiastic responses: “I’ll do my best,” or “I’ve trained many years and I’m going to try.”

But one man had a different answer.  He simply said “Yes, I will.” He was the first one who made it to the top and people who watched him do it were amazed because of the inclement weather.

A “Yes, I will” attitude has been responsible for more achievements in this world because of the belief and faith attached to the commitment.

There have been many projects I’ve worked on over the years where it would have been easy to give up when the road got bumpy.  Twenty-seven rejections on my first book, over fifty rejections on a patented writing instrument, and I can’t even count how many no’s I received while selling a world-famous comedian to radio and television. But deep down, I knew there was value in what I was doing.

When faith and belief are backing your actions, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

If you doubt this, go rent the movie Rudy.  Rudy Ruettiger was a working-class kid with low grades and little athletic skill. He was kind of small, too. But Rudy had a dream. He wanted to play football for Notre Dame. His dream didn’t make sense to most people; they said he could never get into the school, much less play on the team. But Rudy, despite the odds, believed in his dream. After many years of hard word and massive amounts of rejection, Rudy got into Notre Dame. Because of his attitude and faith in action, he made the football team.  Then, in the only play in the only game of his football career, Rudy sacked the opposing quarterback. He was carried off the field on his teammates’ shoulders.

And if you asked Rudy if he was going to play for the Notre Dame football team when he was a kid…I’m sure he would have answered: “YES, I WILL.”

Barry Farber

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