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Sep 02 2010

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The Color Purple Fall 2010

You saw plum on the runways during the Fall 2010 fashion week and in storefront windows shortly after that; but can you successfully bring Fall’s hottest color into the home?

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Some people are intrigued with the idea of color but have commitment issues when it comes to painting an entire room in an adventurous color. This is when a pop of color in a closet, cabinet or even a drawer may satisfy that need.

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Purple hues can replace black, dark brown, steel gray or navy blue to liven up the style while still keeping the formal, sophisticated feel of any room. As we move into fall and closer to winter, purple will shift from red-inspired to being infused with gray.
ann porter4
Color can fit in anywhere. Ranges from La Cornue and BlueStar are offered in eggplant. Rugs can easily be added to almost any space for extra color or pattern. Consider window treatments for adding temporary accent color to a room.

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Ann Porter

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  1.  Eric Myers |

    I love the recent resurgence of the use of purple in home decor. I really love these kitchens. They are beautiful and really accented well with the purple. Thanks for the great article.