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Jun 02 2017

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The Evolving Bathroom

I wish I had a before image still of my bathroom – the change after my redesign was drastic.

After a pipe burst in my condominium complex last year, my master bath was completely destroyed. The advantage was that I could completely redesign it – and use all of the insider’s tips I’d gathered from my job.

This week’s #KBTribeChat discussed bathroom design trends, and I saw how my redesign of nine months ago is already part of a changing discussion. Trends change constantly, and we can’t update our spaces every year – but we can certainly try to keep up.

With my bath, I picked materials and finishes that were hardy and easy to clean, like porcelain wood-look tile. My father and I designed and built a freestanding, furniture-like, black vanity with a square, inset sink. My brother-in-law works for a granite company and got me a slab of white granite with subtle sparkle for the countertop. After we tore off the giant frameless mirror and installed a thinner, framed one – topped with a modern LED light – my bath was transformed. I’ve since moved to be with my husband on the West Coast, and I still miss that bathroom.

The trends I had incorporated were all a part of the discussion this past Wednesday, plus a few new ones that were just coming into play since my redesign. Here are a few I picked up on:

•    Vanities with open shelving are growing in popularity.

•    Seating is now a priority in many baths. 

•    Simpler hardware, inspired by European design, is now trending.

•    The most popular faucet finishes are still chrome and brushed nickel, but copper and matte black are growing.

•    Tile for bathroom flooring will continue to be in because it is versatile and sustainable, and it adds character.

What trends are you most excited about in the bath? Let us know on our Facebook page, on Twitter @kbbonline and Instagram @Kbb_Magazine. Join KBTribeChat next Wednesday at 2 p.m. EST by looking for #KBTribeChat on Twitter.

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