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Jun 15 2012

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The Wanders of mixing and matching

I’ve been hearing the phrase “mix and match” frequently of late. Just this week, during a KBIS trends talk given by Madcap Cottage and sponsored by Cosentino, it was tossed about in reference to playing with color and pattern as a way to infuse a home with a sense of fun and personality. And in putting together the May/June issue of K+BB, I heard much mention of mixing materials, colors and textures while conducting interviews for the Trends article on kitchen cabinetry and the Abroad piece on EuroCucina.

Eclecticism has been a somewhat longstanding means to personalization in a kitchen and bath, and many k & b product collections boast the opportunity for custom looks by offering a wide selection of pieces that work well with each other.

Bisazza Bagno‘s Wanders Collection, however, seems to take it to a whole new level. Created for the company by famed designer Marcel Wanders, it debuted in the U.S. last month and consists of three lines—Architectural, Antiques, Soapbath—each of which takes its cues from different time periods.

Architectural is contemporary-clean in aesthetic and comprises a variety of lav faucets (love the red handles!), shower fittings, bathroom storage, medicine cabinets and mirrors.

Soapbath features a bathtub and small, large countertop and wall-mounted lav sinks in the shape of a bar of soap, as well as coordinating toilets and bidets.

Antiques offers baroque-inspired consoles and mirrors in black or white lacquered resin.

But what makes this collection particularly compelling is when two or more of the lines are shown together. The result is playful and faintly subversive in feel.

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