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May 15 2017

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Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Design

With summer just around the corner, clients are again thinking about spending more time outdoors. Certainly there is no better way to enjoy the warm weather than with cooking in an outdoor kitchen. We spoke with Beverly Hills, Calif.-based designer and KBB Editorial Advisory Board member Christopher Grubb to find out his tips on designing these popular spaces:

•    Always position the kitchen so the chef can see the guests and feel participatory in entertaining rather than just being the cook.

•    I prefer countertops 42 inches high because this hides any mess created during and after cooking. Barstools are also a perfect element for guests to sit, have a glass of wine and converse with the chef.

•    I like doing the edge of the counter oversized for a dramatic detail.

•    Don’t neglect the “face.” Years ago many clients just wanted to stucco the front of the kitchen to match the exterior of the home, but now I encourage using an element that echoes the pool liner or any other material on the exterior of the house, like stack stone.

•    Medallions in the bottom of a spa are a great way to add visual interest and elegance. Many companies have standard designs you can customize to echo the other materials used throughout.

•    I like putting LED strips under the countertops or in the toe kick. The glow of light is particularly beautiful at night, and it really shows off any accent you have added to the front of the kitchen.

•    Holes for umbrellas are still popular to provide shade on sunny days.

•    Encourage clients to invest in the appliances and accessories they really want. For many, they want a barbecue. Once you start on the journey of creating an outdoor kitchen with them, items like dual refrigerators, beverage centers, hot and cold water, warming drawers – even a beer tap take it to the next level of function and beauty.

How are you designing outdoor kitchens for this summer? Let us know on our Facebook page, on Twitter @kbbconnect and Instagram @Kbb_Magazine.

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