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Apr 28 2010

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Twitter and KBIS: How to virtually attend without really flying

I didn’t attend KBIS this year, and I really wanted to. I hate missing the excitement of finding products I can use, seeing the new trends and hearing the buzz, meeting other designers and taking in the sights, sounds and constant design talk that all say KBIS to me. However, while my company’s workload is steadily increasing, it wasn’t viable for me to attend, so I did the next best thing: I followed KBIS on Twitter.

Now I know some of you out there are making faces as you read this. I understand; I was one of you. What could possibly be the attraction of 140 character one-liners on what one had for breakfast?

However, once I dipped my toes into the Twitter world, I soon learned that Twitter is what you make it. If you want to shoot the breeze with family and friends, follow each other and you can. However, I’ve found if you follow other designers, architects, contractors, magazine editors, manufacturers and artisans, you have a fantastic way of keeping current with the latest news, learn what other industry folks are facing and, yes, get into KBIS without actually attending.

Here’s what happened: As KBIS approached, some of the manufacturers who were attending tweeted where their booths were. (Which I would have found handy if I’d attended. Not that I couldn’t look the booths up, but I might have made a note or two.) I also “heard” some of the pre-planning and quite a few tweets on what some companies were planning to exhibit.

When the show finally opened, I followed the hashtags (the numerical sign in front of a name, like this—#KBIS2010 or #KBIS—which links all the tweets with this tag in a group) from the comfort of my own office. For those of you still new to Twitter, here’s the best part: People take photos and link them to Twitter, which means I was seeing products and booths “live” along with the attendees—shots of sinks, hardware, glass and even dancers. I also heard some of the buzz (bronze appliances?) and even “attended” a panel discussion about aging-in-place and the latest trends.

Now you may not want your news that quickly. But if you’ve gone in the past and know the excitement the show brings, it’s nice to be a part of it—minus the sore feet.

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