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Jul 21 2010

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Una toy kitchen

Industrial designer Job Buenazedacruz has created an innovative toy kitchen called the “Una,” which gives visually impaired children the ability to experience kitchen play.

Children learn by mimicking adults. The Una gives small children the ability to play freely. As a designer I am most impressed with the thoughtful design. The Una allows children to cook, wash and store items with ease.

The induction cooktop has bumpons marking the burner areas. When turned on, the elements glow for the sighted children and cooking sounds come from the speaker. In a real-world kitchen, the bumpons from 3M are added in the field to the induction hobs and raised letters, or Braille symbols are added near the controls.

una toy kitchen

Another one of my favorite features in this play kitchen is the motion-activated faucet. Instead of activating water, the speaker plays water sounds when motion is detected. In today’s kitchen, these motion-activated faucets are preferred because they provide consistent temperatures and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria since they do not need to be touched.

The Una kitchen also features an oven which plays a ticking sound and dings when the food is ready. The bottom of the oven is removable and converts into a grill that a wheelchair-bound child can play with at a table. Other features include open shelves for storage, a secret compartment and a magnetic chalkboard.

I think this is a brilliant toy. It is imaginative and is inspirational in all the functionality and fun a real kitchen should be. My only criticism is the power cord. If a rechargeable battery can’t be used then the Una toy kitchen should be positioned over a floor outlet.

Ann Porter

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