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May 04 2012

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UNcontained in photos

In the March and April issues of K+BB Magazine, the Road to KBIS column introduced readers to the five consumer lifestyle profiles (read about them here and here), representing four generations, to be featured in the UNcontained exhibit at KBIS. The exhibit comprised 20-ft.-long shipping containers outfitted to reflect the attitudes, values and aspirations of each profile.

For those of you unable to attend the show, following are some very unprofessional photos I took.

First up is Forever Fit, which offers a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the Zoomer/Baby Boomer (ages 45-65) set. For this driven generation, staying fit and active is a priority and having a home where they can retire and welcome family, especially grandchildren, is important. According to research done by Sphere Trending, “luxury is wellness in design” for this group of movers and shakers.

Unfortunately, I only took one photo of the New Hip Home, which takes on the urban Gen Now (ages 15-34) single. The newest members of the workforce, this group is completely wired, having grown up with the Internet and digital technology as a fact of life, and have enjoyed much opportunity, thanks to achievement-oriented yet indulgent parents. Being limited in income and space has not prevented these youngsters from expressing themselves in their home, which, for many, is in a city and tends toward the industrial in aesthetic.

The Caregiver display was inspired by the Prime Timers (ages 66-plus), who are moving in with their children and grandchildren to help care for the latter and receive assistance from the former. They, too, are an active bunch, pursuing hobbies (such as gardening), connecting with friends and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Family Mixologists container addresses the life of the Gen-X blended family, which is often headed by former latchkey kids who want more for their children. Consequently, their home and lives bustle with activities (games, camping, videos, sports) that promote family time and strengthen relationships. To keep themselves healthy, they frequent farmers markets, are members of the locavore movement and can their own food.

The last display, Culinary Curators, was inspired by those in Gen Now who enjoy fine wine, gourmet dining and entertaining. Though their homes may be limited in square footage, they have devoted much time to design ideas and solutions that showcase their love of all things culinary and make them better hosts and hostesses.


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