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Oct 01 2015

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Washed in Marble

The ancient structures of Europe and the luxurious hotels in Las Vegas and Rome all boast a stunning material – marble. Clients keep seeing the white stone and want it in their own homes. Designer Albert Anthony of Waldwick, NJ-based Albert Anthony Studios crafted one master bath almost entirely out of marble and offered some insight into his design.

“The client wanted something invigorating, clean and fresh,” said Anthony. This new build bath needed to flow with the architecture of the rest of the home, which had also had a clean and simple look.

Anthony chose Carrara marble over Calacatta because of its availability and price. Carrara tends to be grayer with softer veining, while Calacatta is whiter with bolder, more dramatic veining. Carrara veining also tends to be linear, which works better with this symmetrical design.

The vanity plays on the space’s symmetry with a furniture-like piece that mirrors itself on each side. The centerpiece is a beveled mirror, with two holes in it for the light sconces, outside of the bevels. Each corner is mitered, with silver leaf detailing.

The bump out in the room provides the space for the tub, which is clad in a mosaic marble.

“We disguised the access panel inside the mosaic tile by cutting out a little panel, tiling it and re-routing it – just in case,” said Anthony.

The marble pattern changes across the floor, where square tiles meld with an elaborate marble “rug.”

“We bordered that in a mosaic and we did the inside in a different pattern for a contemporary flair,” he explained. “We just kept the round motif flowing for a little bit of glam.”

As shown by the different ways marble was used here, the stone is very easy to work with. While it has its cons, marble is a softer stone that can be machined, tumbled and milled, which means it can have multiple uses.

“The marble is really all you see walking through the space,” said Anthony.


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